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18 July 2022

Electronic Photo-Imaging at the EPIcentreThe Art & Science of Digital Imaging
Electronic Photo-Imaging's EPI-centre is the web's original site for information about digital photography and imaging.

In the 1980s, 1990s and early 2000s this was the premier site for information about the revolutionary move of photography from film to digital. We advised government bodies, law enforcement, the armed forces and many others about what this development meant. But now developments have slowed and REVOLUTION has become EVOLUTION, meaning most of our pioneering evangelic work has been done.

HOWEVER our extensive resource about the history of the conversion from film to digital imaging remains.

We also have an extensive COLLECTION of over a hundred of the earliest digital cameras – from the Kodak DCS (later known as the Kodak DCS100) and Apple QuickTake 100 – and the original image files we shot using them.

Coming here when we can arrange it!

We are currently busy locating, scanning and OCRing all the articles which John Henshall has written. This major historical resource will be presented here when the task is completed.

Meanwhile, our existing LIBRARY contains hundreds of reports and reviews on all aspects of digital imaging from its infancy, including the electronic version of the world's longest running column on digital imaging, JOHN HENSHALL'S 'CHIP SHOP', which was published every month in The Photographer magazine from January 1993 to December 2006. John also wrote for Mac User magazine, the US Seybold Report, the UK's Amateur Photographer, the Royal Photographic Society's Journal and many other publications.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please use the eMail link on the left.

The EPI-centre is run by its founder JOHN HENSHALL, acknowledged by one of Great Britain's leading daily newspapers as "the leading authority on digital imaging in the UK." In August 2008, Black & White Photography magazine columnist Colin Harding described a quotation from John's first 'Chip Shop' article in 1993 as 'prophetic words indeed'. In 2009 John Henshall was awarded an honorary degree by the University for the Creative Arts in recognition of his pioneering work in digital imaging.

If you would like to know more about who we are, our ABOUT EPI-CENTRE pages will inform you. The JOHN HENSHALL biography page reveals all about him – including links to pages which acknowledge some of those who have influenced his career and some of his early music videos.

Our IMAGING BASICS pages explain how digital images are analysed in terms of their Detail, Tone and Colour. If you want to set up your monitor to produce consistent, high quality images from your computer, then our LINE-UP CHARTS page is a good place to start.

Above all, we are creative photographers with a wealth of experience of all kinds of photography – both still and moving image. For details please see our PHOTOGRAPHY page.

Most importantly, we are completely independent. We do not sell hardware or software, nor do we carry advertising on this site.

You can easily find any topic or item on this website by using the following Google search:
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All text, photographs, graphics and backgrounds in this Website are Copyright © 1996 - 2022 by John Henshall at Electronic Photo-Imaging. All rights reserved. Material may only be downloaded for personal non-commercial use. Re-publication enquiries are welcome. See our Rights, Permissions & Usage Policy page. Site map.