EPI-centre presentations on location


Our presentations on location away from the EPIcentre are 'live' shows, of great complexity, which use an extensive amount of state-of-the-art digital photographic and computer equipment. We use all our skills to bring you the most exciting, informative and inspiring presentation possible - delivered with our customary enthusiasm.

Careful planning is needed to ensure that these presentations go, as far as possible, without a hitch, resulting in greater enjoyment for the audience - and fewer grey hairs for us! This list of requirements has been compiled from our previous experience and is intended to assist clients to achieve the most from our presentations.

Please confirm in writing that you will supply or attend to all these items, obtaining our written agreement to any necessary variations.


  1. A suitable ground floor room for audience and equipment. (If ground floor is not possible, please see items 1.3 and 1.5).
  2. Total blackout provision.
  3. Easy access from parking area on same level, or lift to upper or lower floors.
  4. Flatbed trolley for taking equipment into venue.
  5. Labour to assist with unloading/loading, both before and after presentation.
  6. Secure parking for our vehicle containing equipment. Any parking charges/waivers to be met/applied for by yourselves.
  7. Strong tables for our equipment (at least 2 off, 2 x 1 metres).
  8. Secure storage area for standby equipment and empty boxes.
  9. Medium (or adjustable) height stool for the lecturer.
  10. Area for photography, minimum 4 metres square, with stool for subject (we will provide luminaires and background).
  11. Minimum three hours clear setup time before admittance of audience.


  1. Data projector and screen suitable for use with Apple Power Macintosh computer with 16 inch or 13 inch monitor. (We need to approve the proposals and check with the supplier the suitability and compatibility - or we can arrange the hire of a suitable projector at cost).
    IMPORTANT: Our presentation cannot be given without this essential piece of equipment. If no suitable projector has been provided, or if the supplied projector does not work correctly, the presentation will have to be cancelled. In this event our full fee will be payable.
  2. Public address with radio microphone (audiences over 30).
  3. Two 13 Amp mains outlets in close proximity to tables, or suitable gauge mains extensions leading from nearest sockets.
  4. ISDN or Modem socket outlets in close proximity to tables, or suitable gauge mains extensions leading from nearest sockets. (Only required for presentations which require on-line connection.)
  5. Easy operation of houselights as and when required.


  1. Confirmation of public liability insurance for proposed location.
  2. All-risks insurance for our equipment during transit to and from your location and whilst at the location.
  3. Adequate provision of suitable security cover to protect the equipment from loss or damage while unattended by our representatives and during the event itself. (For example, during breaks or if required to be left overnight.)


  1. Our basic fee including preparation is £1,500 per day (plus VAT). This includes the speaker's fee, assistant as required, and all equipment except as detailed in 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 and 2.4. Variations from this fee may be agreed (eg for charities, regular bookings etc) but must be agreed in writing beforehand.
  2. A cancellation fee of 100% of the agreed fee (plus VAT) will be payable if the event is cancelled within two weeks of the agreed date. A cancellation fee of 50% of the agreed fee (plus VAT) will be payable if the event is cancelled within two to four weeks of the agreed date.
  3. A deposit of 50% of the fee (plus VAT) must be made at the time of booking or not later than four weeks before the agreed date.
  4. A mileage charge of £0.43 per mile (plus VAT) will be charged for the transport of our equipment to and from the venue.
  5. Other expenses will be charged at cost as incurred.
  6. Suitability of our presentation for your audience must be determined by yourselves. We cannot be held responsible. Compiled by Barnaby Cox, 8 July 1996
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