By John Henshall

Sony DKC-ID1

Sony were the company which frightened conventional photographic companies when they first introduced the Mavica electronic stills camera over a decade ago. But, although Mavica was an electronic camera, recording up to 25 individual frames of analogue television on a two-inch floppy, it was not digital. We have waited a long time for Sony's self-contained digital camera - the DKC-ID1.

The new camera uses PC cards (PCMCIA ATA Type II) to store its 768x576 pixel images. It features a 12-to-1 zoom, equivalent to a 38-to-460mm lens on a 35mm (film) camera, SCSI-2 interface, auto/manual focus/shutter speed and a built-in colour LCD viewfinder which (just like a tv camera) shows precisely the image being captured and can also be used to review images after capture.

This report first appeared as "Hot Shots" in "The Photographer" magazine March and April 1996.
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