By John Henshall

Yashica DA-1

Kyocera-Yashica have confounded experts by announcing the Yashica DA-1, which uses the original Mavica method of storing (analogue) images on a two-inch floppy but digitises them in the camera for export to a computer. The camera also has NTSC video output and is expected in the USA by summer 1996. All digital cameras are, in fact, analogue at the taking stage, with A-to-D conversion being carried out immediately in the camera. Yashica's idea of using analogue storage might not be so retrograde as it at first appears, for 2-inch floppies are an inexpensive storage medium when compared with the cost of PCMCIA flash cards.

This report first appeared as "Hot Shots" in "The Photographer" magazine March and April 1996.
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