New digital back announced at Seybold San Francisco

 by John Henshall


The Dicomed 'LittleBigShot' is, as its name suggests, the baby brother of Dicomed's 'BigShot'. This digital back uses a 24 x 36mm format 2048 x 3096 pixel (6 Megapixel) CCD from Philips with 14 bit pixel depth, dynamic range of twelve stops and a rotatable housing to change between landscape and portrait format without moving the camera. Pictures can be captured either in one shot or three shot colour modes, or single shot black and white. The camera has a three-shot cycle in less than five seconds.

The back will interface to medium and large format cameras and was shown attached to a Mamiya 645 body. It needs just one cable to connect it to a host computer, a single FireWire cable, which supplies power, control and picture interface.

A 'live' video preview gives a 5 frames per second 768 x 512 pixel monochrome image which can be displayed on a computer or video monitor or television set. Price is expected to be $24,995. The design is extremely neat and slimline, making it easy to handle for hand held shots.

This article first appeared as "John Henshall's Chip Shop" in "The Photographer" magazine, October 1998.
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