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This is the line-up for one of the typical seminars we organised for Seybold in the US

Full-day special interest session

Monday August 28, 2000
9:00am-1:30pm and 2:30pm-6:00pm


Seybold digital photography special interest sessions are designed to put you in the know about the latest hardware and software tools for digital imaging, bringing you face-to-face with key developers and users.

Digital imaging is one of the fastest-growing fields, with changes occurring every few weeks. It's essential to keep up to date with the very latest trends, the reasons behind them and their implications for future investment and profitability. Many new digital cameras have been among the products first announced to the world at our special interest day, making it THE place to find out about cutting-edge developments in digital imaging.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Seybold Seminars aims to bring you the very latest in new technology and techniques, to empower your imaging decisions. Details of this session are therefore subject to change as the future unfolds. (Latest update: 08/22/00)

John Henshall
Organizer and Presenter of the Seybold Digital Imaging Day

John Henshall has unmatched technical and creative experience in all branches of photography -- still and moving image; silver halide and digital. He worked for BBC Television for fifteen years and was director of photography for major network television productions and MTV Europe. His digital imaging website at www.epi-centre.com contains a wealth of information about all aspects of digital photography.
John is Digital Photography Contributor to the Seybold Reports and organizer of the Seybold Digital Imaging Day. He is a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain (FRPS) and a Fellow and Past President of the British Institute of Professional Photography (FBIPP).

9:00am - 10:30am · Moscone Room 133
Photography and the Web - part one

Images transformed the text-only internet into the World Wide Web. What George Eastman did for film, many are now trying to do for digital imaging on the web. What are these companies, other than on-line repositories for digital images? Who are the main players? What's in it for photography and photographers? Could this be the very future of photography?

Ron Tussy
Analyst, Imerge Consulting Group LLC
A top imaging analyst explains why the online photo industry is at the precipice of one of greatest consumer paradigm transformations since the color desktop publishing revolution of the 1980s. What are the drivers behind this tranformation? Where have we been? Where are we going, Casualties and survivors?

Ron Tussy has over 21 years professional experience in the imaging industry and is president and principal analyst of Imerge Consulting Group, an innovative custom market research and business development firm serving the imaging industry. He has been a widely respected imaging industry analyst and speaker on future trends in imaging since 1996.
Previously, Ron was an analyst at International Data Corporation (IDC), where he founded IDC's Digital Cameras and Scanners Research Programs. He has also been WW Scanner Product Line Manager at Apple Computer, a National Sales Manager for Phase One, a digital book publisher and a Newsweek photographer.

James Joaquin
CEO and President, Ofoto Inc
Not since the introduction of the Brownie camera in 1900 has there been a product or service that has had such a profound impact on the photography industry as the Internet and online photography. Online photo processing provides greater convenience and control for the professional photographer, but is online photography a threat or an opportunity for professionals?
James Joaquin will address:
* How online photography is challenging traditional professional photography and changing the photography industry for the better.
* Which business models will dominate in the new wired world.
* How online photography will lead to more opportunities for professional photographers to network, get assignments, increase revenues and promote their photography.

Prior to joining Ofoto, Mr. Joaquin co-founded When.com, the leading Web based calendar and events service. As Vice President of Business Development, he and his team drove the content, e-commerce, and distribution deals that fuelled When.com's rapid success. In less than one year from incorporation, When.com was acquired by America Online and now powers the AOL 5.0 calendar used by millions.
While studying Computer Science at Brown University, he co-founded Clearview Software, which was later acquired by Apple Computer's Claris division. Mr. Joaquin also held marketing management roles at Apple Computer and Diamond Multimedia.

Nancy Carr
Eastman Kodak Company

As director of Worldwide Marketing Communications and Vice President of Digital & Applied Imaging of Eastman Kodak Company, Nancy Carr manages the communications for Kodak's digital products.
Previously, Nancy Carr was general manager of Nikon, Inc., responsible for launching the consumer digital camera business, as well as managing Nikon's 35mm and Advanced Photo System compact camera business. Earlier, at Apple Computer, she was manager of Marketing for the Publishing Group where she directed the marketing activities targeted toward large and small publishing firms and was an early advocate and speaker on Internet publishing. Prior, Ms. Carr spent eight years at Linotype. While there, she helped to lead the launch of desktop publishing and to create a whole new line of business for the company.

10:30am - 11:00am - Coffee

11:00am - 12:15pm · Moscone Room 133
Photography and the Web - part two

Alain Chesnais (replaces Sasa Radulovic)
VP Engineering, TrueSpectra Inc
In a very short period of time, electronic commerce has redefined the rules of the retail industry. Today, as Internet infrastructure, systems, and business processes rapidly become more sophisticated, e-commerce is poised to reach a much higher level of penetration and sales potential in the retail industry. New and improved mechanisms for searching, personalization, and direct selling are creating more satisfying online shopping experiences. Online shoppers are now presented with opportunities to capitalize on the Internet's key strengths - immediacy, depth, and interactivity. Retailers are paying increasing attention to merchandising on the Web, striving to further enhance the customer experience. Retailers recognize that an engaging and intuitive presentation of detailed product information is critical for selling successfully online. This presentation looks at the necessities of effective merchandising for retailers.

Alain Chesnais has over thirty years programming experience and a strong background in digital imaging, networking and Internet infrastructure, rendering technologies and managing research development. Chesnais was formerly with IBM Europe and Apple France. Most recently, he was the director of engineering and business manager for design visualization solutions at Alias/Wavefront. Chesnais was recently elected chair of the ACM SIG governing board and serves as the international relations chair for the SIGGRAPH 2001 conference. Chesnais is responsible for managing TrueSpectra's team of developers, programmers and quality assurance professionals and for leading the company's R&D in server-based technologies.

Mark Platshon
CEO Zing Network Inc

Mark Platshon brings over 10 years of CEO experience to the Zing executive team. Most recently, Platshon was entrepreneur-in-residence at Asset Management Associates, a leading venture capital firm in Palo Alto, CA. Prior to that, Platshon held the position of President & CEO at Idetek, a high technology diagnostics company, and EloTouch Systems, a Raychem subsidiary and a pioneer in interactive touch-screen technology. He holds a BS in engineering from the University of Michigan and MBA from Stanford University.

James West
CEO Alamy.Com
Alamy.com is a new, totally web-based, image library - the new place to buy and sell images. Alamy aims to break down the barriers to make the process of buying and selling images as efficient and as fair as possible. Groundbreaking technology makes Alamy.com the most advanced, exciting and profitable outlet for work in the global image markets. Offering new ways to search for the right image, the Alamy mission is simple -- to build the fastest growing and most sophisticated image collection on the web. James West explains how's it done and how will it work for you - whether photographer or buyer of images.

Formerly a diver and underwater expedition photographer, and later an Internet developer for an Oxford University research group, James West developed a system for sharing research data between international laboratories via the web. He started his own venture in 1998, developing web site creation tools for a non-technical audience. Motivated by passion for developing sophisticated internet applications that are easy to use. Much of this earlier work is central to his vision for the future of commercial photography and his latest project -- alamy.com -- seeks to change the way photographers trade their intellectual property on the web.

12:15pm - 12.30pm - Comfort break

12:30pm - 1:30pm · (Move to) Moscone Room 134
Keynote Address
President and CEO, Eastman Kodak Company

Dan Carp took over at the helm of Eastman Kodak on the first day of the new millennium - a hundred years after George Eastman's revolutionary vision of photography for everyone. In Eastman's mold, Dan Carp is also a man of inspiration and vision for photography in the twenty first century. Timed just before the bi-annual Photokina trade fair in Cologne, Germany - the world's biggest - this keynote could be Kodak's most important announcement in years. DON'T MISS IT.

1:30pm - 2:30pm - Lunch

2:30pm - 4:30pm · (Return to) Moscone Room 133
Digital Imaging State of the Art

Top designers of the most important and up-to-the-minute hardware and software share the secrets of their new features and design philosophy and functionality. The latest. Here first. In person. In depth.

Karen Gauthier
Product Manager, Imaging Products, Adobe Inc

It's so hot we can't mention it in advance but we can promise you that the publishers of the world's benchmark photo-editing application have something you won't want to miss. Karen Gauthier from Adobe will be here to give you a first glimpse of this new product that will be announced and shown for the first time today.

Karen Gauthier is the Photoshop Product Manager at Adobe Systems. She has spent almost three years at Adobe guiding the development and marketing of Adobe Photoshop, the world standard image editing solution. Karen has eight years of experience in the computer software industry and previously held the position of Group Product Manager at Corel.

Chad Munce
Photo Marketing Association
Highlights of the Digital Imaging Marketing Association's report detailing the latest trends in consumer adoption of digital imaging.

Chad Munce has been involved in the digital imaging business since 1994 when he started selling wide-format graphics. He has been with PMA (Photo Marketing Association International) for a year and a half and is presently in charge of DIMA (Digital Imaging Marketing Association). DIMA publishes several industry trends reports annually, and has recently released the DIMA Digital Imaging Consumer Survey which shows the latest trends in consumer adoption of digital imaging.

Carl Jürg Koch
An insight into one of the projects on the Sinar drawing boards which promises to make life easier for the photographer who is on the quest for the ultimate image outside the studio.

Carl Koch was born in Pacifica CA in 1966. His family returned to Switzerland where his father was busy changing Sinar from a small operation into a factory with its own production facilities. Carl went to school in Switzerland but returned to the US where he obtained an MBA from the University of South Carolina in 1991. Back in Switzerland he joined the family business, taking over responsibility for marketing and sales. He took the Swiss government theoretical test for professional photographers and enjoyed challenging commercial photographic assignments before taking over as Joint Managing Director of the company.

Brian Benamati
Eastman Kodak Company

Big news for professional photographers from Eastman Kodak.This paper describes a 16 million pixel full-frame color CCD image sensor that has been designed for photographic digital still camera applications. Technological implementations are presented which address key performance requirements of image sensors for the high performance imaging market. Specifically, performance from advanced high resolution Kodak Digital Science™ Blue Plus Color CCD image sensors are presented. This 16 million pixel image sensor is within a family of full-frame color CCDs based on Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) gate electrode technology. In conclusion, the paper addresses options to meet the future requirements of digital still camera applications.

Brian L. Benamati received BS and MS degrees in Electrical Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester NY. He joined Eastman Kodak Company in 1980 through 1991 and has worked as a Process Engineer and Process Integrator involved with the development of CCD image sensors. From 1991 through 1997 he was the Fabrication Manager in the Microelectronics Technology Division and in 1998, he became a Product Engineer for Full Frame Color CCD imager sensors. He is presently a Product Marketing Engineer for Kodak's Image Sensor Solutions division, concentrating on applications for digital still cameras.

Stephen Johnson

A landscape photographer for twenty five years and a passionate advocate of digital photography's revolutionary quality, Stephen Johnson's books include At Mono Lake, The Great Central Valley: California's Heartland, and Making a Digital Book. Extensive magazines features include Life, Communication Arts, Publish, View Camera, American Photo and PDN/PIX. His digital photography work began in 1989 and has included fine-art books, calendars, posters and electronic media.His groundbreaking all digital national parks project, With A New Eye, is nearing completion. He operates a digital studio and gallery in Pacifica, California, near San Francisco.

4:30pm - 5:00pm - Coffee

5:00pm - 6:00pm · Moscone Room 133
Top Ten Products in Sixty Minutes

Which digital camera? Which scanner? Which software? Which printer?
With new products every week, it's almost impossible to keep up to date. In an exciting quick-fire presentation, we sort out some of the very best and tell you what makes them stand out. The informed independent view, by these top industry experts, analysts and consultants.

Presenters include:

Dave Etchells
Publisher, Imaging Resource

David Etchells is the Publisher of the Imaging Resource, at www.imaging-resource.com The Imaging Resource is widely regarded as one of the most authoritative sources for information on digital cameras and imaging. It is the home of the unique "Comparometer(tm)" on-line image comparison tool, and source of the largest library of standardized digital camera reference images in the world. Serving hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors and widely syndicated across the internet, the Imaging Resource is arguably the most-read source of digital camera reviews and consumer imaging information in the world.

John Henshall
Digital Imaging Consultant

For biographical details please see top of page.

John Larish
Co-publisher, Electronic Photography News

A principal in Jonrel Imaging Consultants, an entrepreneurial firm specializing in product development and consulting in electronic imaging and hybrid systems, John Larish he has written many articles for popular and technical publications. Author of a number of books, "Fun With Digital Photography", his most recent book, was published under the Kodak book trademark by Silver Pixel Press.

Fred Shippey
Electronic imaging consultant

Fred Shippey worked for Eastman Kodak in Rochester, NY, for twenty two years and was involved in a wide variety of conventional photography and digital imaging projects. He is now a consultant on electronic imaging technology and applications and is the New Products Editor for PDN-PIX and the Senior Editor of the Future Image Report. He makes worldwide presentations on the impact of electronic imaging on the photographic business as well as lecturing and teaching extensively on digital imaging since 1987. His consulting clients have included Kodak, Canon, Foveon, Nikon, Management Graphics, and the Mayo Clinic.

Brian Whitehead
Lecturer in Graphic Design & New Media

Brian Whitehead studied Fine Art painting, printmaking and photography at the Johannesburg School of Art, South Africa. He has run Brian Whitehead & Associates, a cross-discipline design consultancy working on design and advertising for print and exhibition, for many years. He was formerly the design and picture editor of The Photographer magazine, published by The British Institute of Professional Photography, with which he holds a Fellowship (FBIPP) in digital imaging. He is currently lecturing at the Surrey Institute of Art & Design University College on the Graphic Design BA(Hons) course and also on the Graphic Design New Media BA(Hons) course.

Mark Williford
President, ProRental

Mark Williford, President of Pro Rental, has experience in every aspect of the commercial photography marketplace. He is a leading digital photography evangelist who founded and moderates the Prorental mailing list, a vigorous discussion group and melting pot for all aspects of high-end digital photography.


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