John Henshall (photographer)


John Henshall

Birth Date: 6 January 1942

Birth Place: Stockport, Cheshire, England

Nationality: British

Occupation: Photographer, cinematographer, writer, consultant and expert witness on the art and science of photography and digital imaging.

John Henshall FRPS FRGS FBIPP (born John Mark Henshall, 6 January 1942) is a British professional photographer, cinematographer, and writer, consultant and expert witness on the art and science of photography and digital imaging.

Early life

Henshall was born in Stockport, Cheshire, England. His family moved to the village of Alverthorpe, near Wakefield in the West Riding of Yorkshire, in 1945. His first school was Alverthorpe Infants School, followed by Alverthorpe Church of England Junior School. In 1953 he gained an open scholarship to Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Wakefield. In 1957 the family moved back to Stockport where he attended Stockport Grammar School until 1961.


JH first BBC ID card JH later BBC ID card

Henshall started work for BBC Television in London on 28 August 1961, specialising in cameras and lighting and working on the full range of programmes from the new Television Centre in White City. His formal broadcast training was on residential operations and lighting courses at the BBC Engineering Training Department (ETD) at Wood Norton, Evesham, Worcestershire.


In 1976 he left the BBC to concentrate on running Telefex, the firm he set up in 1966 to market his optical special effects for television cameras. These were used in many shows at the BBC and ITV and were becoming in demand throughout Europe. He was also a part-time lecturer at West Surrey College of Art and Design (WeSCAD), which later became part of the University for the Creative Arts (UCA).

In 1978 he became the Director of Photography on many early music videos. This led to him being responsible for the lighting of MTV Europe for its first ten years and work on many commercials and television productions such as the popular satirical television series Spitting Image from June 1986.

Tarn Limited

Along with former BBC colleague Bob Coles, in 1980 he formed Tarn Ltd, a broadcast television facilities company using the new lightweight cameras and shooting video the film way.

In 1985, Henshall was elected Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society, later serving on its council and as chairman of its Associateship and Fellowship distinctions panel for Film and Video. He also registered and founded the first RPS website in 1996.[1] He was made a Fellow of the British Institute of Professional Photography (FBIPP) in 1985 and was soon elected to its council, serving as its President in 1991-92. Henshall represented the BIPP on the British Photographic Association (BPA) council in the 1990s and served as chairman of its Digital Imaging committee.

John Henshall - BIPP President BIPP Business Card EPI-centre Business Card

Henshall founded Electronic Photo-Imaging and the EPI-centre in 1991, to impart a greater understanding of the direction in which imaging technology was moving. EPI-centre advised government bodies, law enforcement, forensic scientists, the armed forces and others about developments in electronic and digital imaging.[2] In 1993 he began writing monthly articles on the future of digital imaging - John Henshall's Chip Shop[3] - for The Photographer, the monthly journal for professional photographers.

From 1996 to 2001 Henshall founded, organised and moderated the Digital Imaging Days for the Seybold Seminars in Boston, New York and San Francisco in the USA, and in Sydney Australia, attracting many well-known speakers, including Gil Amelio (the co-patentee of the CCD (Charge Coupled Device) sensor which made digital cameras possible and a CEO of Apple Computer) and Dan Carp (CEO of Eastman Kodak Company). Seybold was cut short by the aftermath of 9/11 and the last Digital Imaging Day was held in Boston on 12 April 2001.

He has also been commissioned to carry out research for the development of in-camera firmware for the Silicon Valley company, FotoNation. The software developed is embedded in most smartphones and digital cameras as part of their functionality today.

On 28 May 2013 the British Film Institute held An Evening With John Henshall as a Missing Believed Wiped Special event at the National Film Theatre in London, England.

Current work

John Henshall - GTC President

Henshall is a consultant and expert witness on photography of the still and moving image. Since 2015 he has been President of the Guild of Television Camera Professionals (GTC), formerly the Guild of Television Cameramen, a not-for-profit independent craft organisation of which he was a founder member in 1972.[4]

Family life

Henshall married Margaret Ann Eaves, a singer in the George Mitchell Choir, in 1964. They were divorced in 1972. In 1979 he married Jeanette Pauline Roorda, an occupational therapist from the Netherlands. They were divorced in 2003. They had three children: Annelies (b.1981), Martien (b.1984) and John Pieter (b.1987). He now lives in the village of Wanborough, near Swindon, in Wiltshire, England.


Selected Music Videos as Director of Photography 1978-1986

  1. Kate Bush The Man With The Child In His Eyes (1978)
  2. Bryan Ferry What Goes On In Your Mind (1978)
  3. Yellow Dog Wait Until The Midnight (1978)
  4. Marshall Hain Dancing In The City (1978)
  5. Paul McCartney & Wings I've Had Enough (1978)
  6. Paul McCartney and John Henshall
  7. Suzi Quatro The Race Is On (1978)
  8. Richard Myhill We've Got Something More (1978)
  9. Blondie Picture This (1978)
  10. Yellow Dog Little Gods (1978)
  11. City Boy What a Night (1978)
  12. David Essex Brave New World (1978)
  13. Boomtown Rats Rat Trap (1978)
  14. David Essex Goodbye First Love (1978)
  15. Kate Bush Hammer Horror (1978)
  16. Hot Chocolate Put You Together Again (1978)
  17. Racey Some Girls (1978)
  18. The Three Degrees The Runner (1978)
  19. Elton John Georgia (1978)
  20. Elton John Madness (1978)
  21. Elton John Song For Guy (1978)
  22. Foreigner Blue Morning (1978)
  23. Foreigner Double Vision (1978)
  24. Sally Oldfield Mirrors (1978)
  25. Cliff Richard Green Light (1979)
  26. Geraldine Casablanca (1979)
  27. Levinsky Sinclair Only Feel This Way (1979)
  28. Dana Something's Cooking In The Kitchen (1979)
  29. George Harrison Blow Away (1979)
  30. John Henshall on set with George Harrison
  31. No Dice Come Dancing (1979)
  32. Black Lace Mary Ann (1979)
  33. Micky Dolenz Love Light (1979)
  34. Gibson Brothers Cuba (1979)
  35. Paul McCartney & Wings Goodnight Tonight (1979)
  36. M-Factor Pop Muzik (1979)
  37. David Bowie Boys Keep Swinging (1979)
  38. David Bowie Look Back In Anger (1979)
  39. David Bowie D J (1979)
  40. Fischer-Z The Worker (1979)
  41. Fischer-Z First Impressions (Pretty Paracetamol) (1979)
  42. Simple Minds Chelsea Girl (1979)
  43. Paul McCartney & Wings Winter Rose (1979)
  44. Paul McCartney & Wings Love Awake (1979)
  45. Paul McCartney & Wings Old Siam Sir (1979)
  46. Paul McCartney & Wings Getting Closer (1979)
  47. Paul McCartney & Wings Spin It On (1979)
  48. Cliff Richard We Don't Talk Anymore (1979)
  49. Roxy Music Angel Eyes (1979)
  50. Voyager Judas (1979)
  51. Grace Jones Private Lives (1980)
  52. Joan Armatrading All The Way From America (1980)
  53. Spandau Ballet To Cut A Long Story Short (1980)
  54. Queen Flash (1980)
  55. Julio Iglesias Begin The Beguine (1981)
  56. Kate Bush The Dreaming (1982)
  57. Bananarama Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye (1983)
  58. Simple Minds Sanctify Yourself (1985)
  59. Annabella Fever (1986)
  60. Sigue Sigue Sputnik Twenty-First Century Boy (1986)
  61. Paul McCartney & Wings Press (1986)

Selected Television Programmes as Director of Photography 1979-1993

  1. Kate Bush Live at Hammersmith Odeon (1979)
  2. Exposed - Mike Oldfield Live at Wembley Conference Centre (1979)
  3. Back To The Egg - Paul McCartney & Wings (1979)
  4. Peter Tosh Live (1979)
  5. Lesley Judd's Allsorts (1979)
  6. Galaxy - Kenny Everett (1980)
  7. Queen - Prime Time Productions USA (1980)
  8. Chubby Checker in Concert (1981)
  9. Vivaldi's Four Seasons at the Pump Room Cheltenham (1979)
  10. Anita Harris at The Talk of the Town (1981)
  11. In The Pink (1982)
  12. Nutshell Classics: Treasure Island (1982)
  13. Jazz On Four - Miles Davis (Channel 4) (1982)
  14. Jazz On Four - Willie Nelson (Channel 4) (1982)
  15. Tomorrow's World At Large - Flight Simulation (BBC) (1982)
  16. Capital Jazz Festival Knebworth (1982)
  17. Graeae Theatre Company (Channel 4) (1982)
  18. The Tudor Face (Channel 4) (1983)
  19. Assaulted Nuts (Channel 4) (1983)
  20. UB40 Live (1983)
  21. Dream Stuffing - comedy series (Channel 4) (1983)
  22. Culture Club - A Kiss Across The Ocean - Live at Hammersmith Odeon (1983)
  23. Ian Breakwell's Continuous Diary (Channel 4) (1984)
  24. Emma Thompson First Offence (Channel 4) (1984) (Re-edited as Up For Grabs in 1985)
  25. Status Quo - End of the Road (1984)
  26. Relative Strangers - comedy series (Channel 4) (1984)
  27. The Patent Office (COI) (1985)
  28. Wizbit (BBC) (1985)
  29. Never Say Die - comedy series (Channel 4) (1987)
  30. Dispatches: Kimberley Carlile - Falling Through the Net (Channel 4) (1987)
  31. Bumbledown (Spitting Image Ronald Reagan special) (ITV) (1989)
  32. The Sound of Maggie (Spitting Image Margaret Thatcher special) (ITV) (1989)
  33. Spitting Image (Series 5 (1998), Series 7 (1999), Series 8 & 9 (1990), Series 10 & 11 (1991) (ITV)
  34. Star Test (Channel 4) (1989)
  35. Sticky Moments with Julian Clary - comedy series (Channel 4) (1989-1990)
  36. Dance Energy (BBC) (1990-1993)
  37. Joker In The Pack with Marti Caine (BBC) (1990)
  38. The Winjin' Pom (ITV) (1991)
  39. The Winjin' Pom
  40. Terry and Julian - comedy series (Channel 4) (1992)
  41. Bonjour La Classe - comedy series (Channel 4) (1993)

Selected Articles about Film & Television by and about John Henshall 1973-2020

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  45. One of the very first TV cameramen (Article about John Summers receiving Honorary Membership of the Guild of Television Cameramen.) - Zerb, issue 74, Autumn 2011, pages 78-82
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  48. GTC's John Henshall draws celebrity crowd at NFT1 (Report on the Guild of Television Cameramen's Website by Alison Chapman about John Henshall's Missing Believed Wiped Special - An Evening with John Henshall hosted by the British Film Institute at the National Film Theatre, London, on 28 May 2013.) -
  49. Dick Hibberd Remembered - Zerb, issue 83, Spring 2016
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  51. BBC Television - in Colour (GTC President John Henshall remembers the official startup of broadcasting in colour - just over 50 years ago) - GTC In Focus Issue 149, April 2020, pages 22-23

Seybold Seminars Digital Imaging sessions organised by John Henshall in USA and Australia 1996-2001

  1. Seybold Seminars San Francisco 11 September 1996 19:30 Digital Photography - Creating Images for the Internet Moderator: John Henshall
  2. Seybold Seminars New York 23 April 1997 14:00-15:00 Digital Photography Now - Time to board the digital express. Organiser and Moderator: John Henshall. This session featured 'live' shooting with a number of digital cameras, across the whole spectrum of image size and quality.
  3. Seybold Seminars New York 24 April 1997 08:30-09:30 The Big Picture on Small Images - Producing effective images for online delivery. Organiser and Moderator: John Henshall. How to reduce download time and conserve bandwidth - keeping visitors' attention at your site instead of surfing off in frustration.
  4. Seybold Sydney Australia 22 May 1997 CCD Technology - Both cameras and scanners rely on CCD technology. There are several forms of CCD today, and more on the drawing board. What are the technical limitations and promises? How do you understand which to aim for? How do you read manufacturers' claims? How do you measure fidelity, dynamic range, and resolution? How does it compare with silver halide film?
  5. Seybold San Francisco 2 October 1997 Digital Photography - What Next? Organiser and Moderator: John Henshall. Featuring Gil Amelio (inventor of the CCD and former CEO at Apple Computer.)
  6. Seybold Seminars New York 19 March 1998 09:00-13:00 and 14:00-18:00 You Too can be a Digital Photographer Moderator and guide: John Henshall 'with a galaxy of industry leaders'. We explain in easy-to-understand terms how digital imaging works, how digital cameras analyze and store images, the difference between scan-backs and area arrays. We'll take a look at the various types of lighting equipment you'll need, see a selection of the top cameras in action - not as you'll see them on the booths but guided through them by one of the leading experts, their key features and shortcomings exposed. We look at software and tricks to help you create your own digital 'lightroom'.
  7. Seybold Seminars New York 20 March 1998 11:00-12:30 Great Tools for Perfect Images: Digital Photography, Scanning and Imaging Moderator: John Henshall. John Henshall presents this omnibus session, to bring you up to date on the latest hardware and software tools for digital photography, scanning and imaging.
  8. Seybold San Francisco 31 August 1998 Digital Imaging Day Organiser and Moderator: John Henshall. Speakers included: Mark Hamburg, Principal Scientist and Architect for Adobe Photoshop at Adobe; digital landscape photographer Stephen Johnston; Gil Amelio, inventor of the CCD and former CEO at Apple Computer; Bob Caspe, founder of Leaf; Alexis Gerard, Editor of Future Image Reports and CEO of the Digital Imaging Group; Eran Steinberg, designer of FotoNation-Explorer; and Oscar winner Paul Vlahos. (
  9. Seybold Seminars Boston Massachusetts 2 March 1999 Digital Photography Now! Organiser and Moderator: John Henshall.
  10. Seybold Seminars San Francisco 30 August 1999 Digital Imaging Special Interest Day Organiser and Moderator: John Henshall. Introducing the Nikon D1 camera.
  11. Seybold Seminars San Francisco 2000 Seybold Digital Imaging Day. Full-day special interest session. Organizer and Presenter of the Seybold Digital Imaging Day: John Henshall. Speakers: Ron Tussy, Analyst, Imerge Consulting Group LLC; James Joaquin, CEO and President, Ofoto Inc; Nancy Carr, Eastman Kodak Company; Alain Chesnais, VP Engineering, TrueSpectra Inc; Mark Platshon, CEO Zing Network Inc; James West, CEO Keynote address: DAN CARP, President and CEO, Eastman Kodak Company. Karen Gauthier, Product Manager, Imaging Products, Adobe Inc; Chad Munce, Photo Marketing Association; Carl Jurg Koch, Sinar; Brian Benamati, Eastman Kodak Company; Stephen Johnson, Photographer; Dave Etchells, Publisher, Imaging Resource; John Larish, Co-publisher, Electronic Photography News; Fred Shippey, Electronic imaging consultant; Brian Whitehead, Lecturer in Graphic Design & New Media; Mark Williford, President, ProRental. (
  12. Seybold Boston Thursday April 12 2001 Seybold Digital Imaging Day. Organiser and Moderator: John Henshall. Associate moderator: Tony Briselden. Speakers: Ken Boydston, President & CEO MegaVision; Steve Blackstock, President, Mosaic Imaging, Inc; Carsten Steenberg, President, Phase One United States, Inc; Steve Noble, Development Manager, Professional Digital Cameras, Eastman Kodak Company; Brian Benamati, Product Engineer, Image Sensor Solutions, Eastman Kodak Company; Prof. dr. ir. Albert J.P. Theuwissen, R & D Manager, Philips Semiconductors Image Sensors; Joseph Cartright, Photographer, Streetlight Digital Studios; Helene DeLillo, Digital Imaging Artist, Dancing Icon Inc; Bruce Totty, Co-founder and Senior Vice President, Silicon Film Technologies Inc; Carl Jurg Koch, Joint Managing Director, Sinar, Switzerland; Steve Noble, Development Manager, Professional Digital Cameras, Eastman Kodak Company; Tadashi Nakayama, Manager, Digital Product Engineering, Nikon, Inc; John Larish, Publisher, Electronic Photography News; Daniel Grotta, President, DigitalBenchmarks; Evan Nisselson, SVP Content and Product Strategy, Eyetide Media; Fred Shippey, Electronic imaging consultant; Sally Wiener Grotta, Contributing Editor, PC Magazine. (

Selected Articles about the advent of Digital Imaging for Seybold Reports (USA) 1996-2000

Seybold reportsSeybold business card
  1. Photokina Goes Digital (Digital Cameras Light Up the Floor At Photokina. Digital photography, once limited to the professional market, is coming in a big way to consumers all over the globe. A horde of new models priced at under $1,000 were on display at the renowned Photokina show in Cologne, Germany) - Seybold Report on Internet Publishing Volume 1 Number 3, November 1996 pages 8-10, 12
  2. Using Digital Camcorders as Digital Still Cameras (It has always been the case that still image cameras were better for capturing still images than digitizing stills captured from a video source. Not when it comes to the Web. Digital camera authority John Henshall tested digital camcorders against two popular digital still image cameras and found digital camcorders equipped with FireWire connections to be the better buy.) - Seybold Report on Internet Publishing Volume 2 Number 6, February 1998 pages 15-21
  3. Soundvision sets a New Standard for low-end Professional Digital Cameras (CMOS technology blows away pricing of standard CCD-based cameras.) - Seybold Report on Internet Publishing Volume 3 Number 1, September 1998 pages 18-19
  4. Kodak DCS520 Digital Camera: Hot New Product for Professionals (It is rare when a product enters a highly competitive market and looks like a sure success before it is even demonstrated. But that's what happened with the new Kodak DCS520 digital camera. Aimed at professional photographers, it has speed (3.5 frames per second in 12-frame bursts), quality (1,736x1,160 pixels and a means of dealing with blue noise problems of earlier cameras), practicality (it accepts Canon EOS lenses), convenient storage and so on. It isn't cheap at $15,000, but it is still impressive to our photography correspondent John Henshall, who wrote this first-hand report.) - Seybold Report on Publishing Systems Volume 27 Number 11, February 23, 1998 pages 25-27
  5. Digital Photography: An Exciting '98 brings promise for '99 (It may have gone unnoticed by many people that six companies brought out new professional digital cameras in 1998 - and that some of them advanced the technology to new levels. In this report, which originated at the Photokina show last fall in Germany, photography analyst and commentator John Henshall reviews where we have come from and charts where we are going as 1999 gets into high gear.) - Seybold Report on Publishing Systems Volume 28 Number 12, March 8, 1999 pages 3-11
  6. PMA Las Vegas: Two million pixels - and counting (The annual Photo Marketing Association's trade show, along with Photokina, has become a bellwether for tracking the progress of digital photography. Analyst John Henshall reviews the latest changes introduced in February in New Orleans.) - Seybold Report on Internet Publishing Volume 3 Number 8, April 1999 ppages 17-20
  7. Digital Cameras (News from Seybold Boston.) - Seybold Report on Publishing Systems Volume 28 Number 14, April 19, 1999 pages 20-24
  8. Testing the Nikon CoolPix 950 against the Kodak DCS620 (With consumer digital cameras priced under $1,000 sporting specs on a par with professional models costing 15 times as much, photographer John Henshall set out to ascertain just what the quality differences are. The results: "That which looks the same can be very different.") - Seybold Report on Internet Publishing Volume 4 Number 1, September 1999 pages 11-18
  9. Digital Cameras (In this report from digital photography correspondent John Henshall, we discuss the [Nikon] D1 plus other camera news and introduce some groundbreaking technology from Foveon, which borrows some ideas from broadcast TV.) - Seybold Report on Publishing Systems Volume 29 Number 4, November 15, 1999 pages 14-17
  10. How Kodak makes its CCDs and High End Digital Cameras (A Kodak Plant Tour. What's involved in making a digital camera or a CCD? We doubted that many people knew, so when Kodak invited digital photography correspondent John Henshall to visit its plant, we asked John to write - and photograph - his experience.) - Seybold Report on Publishing Systems Volume 29 Number 6, December 20, 1999 pages 33-39
  11. Chip Off the Old Block (John Henshall puts some of the latest digital cameras from Photokina into perspective.) - Seybold Report on Publishing Systems Volume 30 Number 4, October 23, 2000 pages 26-30

Selected Articles about the advent of Digital Imaging in The Photographer magazine 1986-2006

Bound volumes 'The Photographer' business card
  1. Photography in the age of electronics: Electronic imaging today - pages 43, 45 and 47, September 1986
  2. Welcome to Pixel Paradise (The Kodak Center for Creative Imaging in Camden, Maine, USA) - pages 14 and 18-21, September 1991
  3. Sony's Mavica Comes Of Age (Ten years of still video progress and the first PAL standard Mavica) - pages 16 and 18-19, October 1991
  4. The Tessera "Filmless" Catalogue Studio (From tabletop to separations without film) - pages 32, 34 and 36, November 1991
  5. Black and White Memories - in colour (Colour photographs from the days of black-and-white television in the 1960s) - pages 18-20, December 1991
  6. The Nikon QV1000C (Nikon's latest electronic SLR system now in use by 120 newspapers internationally) - pages 16-17 and 19, February 1992
  7. The electronic wedding album (The production of a wedding album based on video still images) - pages 38-39, May 1992
  8. Philips CD-I: Information, Entertainment and Images (The new Photo-CD compatible home information centre from Philips) - pages 54-55, June 1992
  9. Black 'N' White 'N' Basic (the first John Henshall's Chip Shop article) - pages 32-33 & 42, January 1993
  10. Stamping out those Signs of the Times (The corrective capabilities of Adobe Photoshop) - pages 38-40, March 1993
  11. A World at your Fingertips (the Psion 3 - the PC in your pocket) - pages 48-49 & 51, March 1993
  12. Turning over a new Leaf (the Leaf digital camera back) - Cover photograph and pages 31-32, April 1993
  13. Gold-Plated Contacts and Painting by Numbers (The Kodak DCS200 camera and Fine-art Printing) - page 46, May 1993
  14. Kodak DCS Cameras (The inside story on both of Kodak's digital SLR cameras) - pages 32, 38 & 40-41, June 1993
  15. Digital Imaging gets a New Definition (High definition tv from the Montreux TV Symposium) - page 20 & 22-23, August 1993
  16. Wither Photo CD? (The direction taken by Kodak's Photo CD is changing) - pages 26 & 29, November 1993
  17. What price Entry to the Digital Dream? (Getting started in digital imaging) - pages 31-33 & 35-36, December 1993
  18. New Year's High Resolution (The Kodak 'M6' 6 megapixel CCD and the Apple QuickTake 100 camera) - pages 30-32, January 1994
  19. Off to a Grand Start (Getting started in digital imaging for around 1,000 UK Pounds) - pages 31-32, February 1994
  20. Colour Control on a Low Budget (Calibration using the Colortron) - pages 31-32, May 1994
  21. Back to Basics in digital imaging (How digital imaging works - Resolution) - pages 38 & 40-41, June 1994
  22. Back to Basics II in digital imaging (How digital imaging works - Tonal range) - pages 42, 44-45 & 47, July 1994
  23. New Digital Delight from Kodak (The Kodak DCS420 digital camera) - pages 40-41 & 43, August 1994
  24. Digital Imaging in Action: Agfa covers us in Cristal (How The Photographer front covers are produced using Agfa's brand new hardware and software systems) - pages 44 & 46, August 1994
  25. Scanners (New flatbed scanners from Nikon and Agfa) - pages 12-13, September 1994
  26. A British Force in Digital Imaging (The Quantel Graphic Paintbox) - pages 12 & 14, October 1994
  27. Serial Killer / Apple's first camera: QuickTake 100 (Apple's entry into the digital camera market) - pages 14-15, Digital Imaging Plus - DI+ supplement, April 1994
  28. The first new Leaf of Spring (The Leaf Lumina camera) - pages 28-29, Digital Imaging Plus - DI+ supplement, April 1994
  29. EPIcentre - the digital earthquake (Introducing the Electronic Photo-Imaging Centre) - page 31, Digital Imaging Plus - DI+ supplement, April 1994
  30. Putting the clock back (Using Adobe Photoshop to restore a shattered Autochrome plate from the Royal Photographic Society) - pages 32-33, Digital Imaging Plus - DI+ supplement, April 1994
  31. Wired for vision / how telecoms put pix in place in seconds (Kodak Picture Exchange and its use by EMPICS) - pages 38-39, Digital Imaging Plus - DI+ supplement, April 1994
  32. A camera for the 21st century (HandiCam - John Henshall's 'camera of the future' which he had outlined ten years before) - pages 40-41, Digital Imaging Plus - DI+ supplement, April 1994
  33. Super Highways and Secluded Byways (The Internet and the information superhighway) - pages 46-48, February 1995
  34. The Big Picture (The Kodak DCS460 six megapixel camera reproduced using Agfa's CrystalRaster screening) - pages 48-51, March 1995
  35. Digital Images are Best (Dicomed digital camera scan back - and the forthcoming 16 megapixel back) - pages 36-38, June 1995
  36. Fuji Goes Green (Fuji's Fujix DS-515 digital camera) - pages 35-37, August 1995
  37. Time to Burn a Worm (The storage of digital data) - pages 35-37, September 1995
  38. 40 Years of ITV (An early form of electronic imaging - television) - pages 35-36, October 1995
  39. Fargo's Fantastic FotoFUN (A digital printer for 4 x 6 inch en-prints) - pages 36 & 38, October 1995
  40. Film Fights Back (APS - the Advanced Photo System) - pages 34 & 36, November 1995
  41. Imaging Delights - Some neat ideas (Final quarter of 1995 round-up. Equipment suppliers, Kodak DCS460 6 megapixel camera, Fuji FV-10 Photo-Video Imager, Fargo FotoFUN! and Casio QV-10) - pages 31-32, December 1995
  42. All-Green Printers - Something to look forward to in '96 (Printers including the Fuji Fujix Thermo-Autochrome) - pages 39-40, January 1996
  43. The PaperPort Office - The dream is alive (The Visioneer PaperPort Vx scanner for a paperless office) - pages 39-40, February 1996
  44. An Epic from EPix - A whole new approach to using digital images (The EPixPro digital camera) - pages 31-32, March 1996
  45. Hot Shots: Low Resolution Digital Cameras (Casio QV-10, Chinon ES-3000, Kodak DC40 and Kodak DC50) - page 34, March 1996
  46. Dicomed BigShot - A CCD bigger than film (The largest area sensor to date - the 6 x 6cm 16 megapixel from Dicomed) - Front cover & page 32, April 1996
  47. Chip Shop's Window to the World - The BIPP gets weaving (The BIPP's first website, created by John Henshall) - page 34, April 1996
  48. Hot-Shots: Medium & Low Resolution Digital Cameras (Polaroid PDC-2000, Epson PhotoPC, Sony DKC-ID1, Yashica DA-1, Canon PowerShot 600 and Ricoh RDC-1 cameras) - page 41, April 1996
  49. Minolta RD-175 equals Agfa ActionCam (Similar digital cameras from two major players) - pages 32 & 34, May 1996
  50. Time to board the digital express (What hardware and software do you need to get started in digital imaging?) - pages 38-39 & 41, June 1996
  51. John Henshall gets into scanners (The Digital Express - the Journey begins. Acquisition) - pages 46-47, July/August 1996
  52. Lighting up the Darkroom (The Digital Express - the Journey continues. Software) - pages 37-39, September 1996
  53. Chip Shop @ Seybold & Photokina (News of the latest stuff - including the Dicomed Big Shot Colour) - pages 37-39, October 1996
  54. Acquiring Profitable Skills with Adobe Photoshop (Perking up portraits and correcting exposure) - pages 36-38, November 1996
  55. Filmless by 2005? (One of the UK's leading photographic retailers has the view that most of us will be using digital cameras within a decade) - page 37, December 1996/January 1997
  56. Tomorrow's Imaging - Today (Obsidian Imaging creates an "image signature" within the camera at the time of capture) - page 38, December 1996/January 1997
  57. Digital Cameras With a Difference (The changing face of digital cameras with tests of the new Polaroid PDC-2000 and the Pixera Pro) - pages 35 & 37-38, February 1997
  58. E-Mail from America. 'The world is going digital at the speed of light.' (News from the Photo Marketing Association show in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.) - page 35, March 1997
  59. Evenin' All (John Henshall takes a look at photographic copyright infringement) - pages 36-38, April 1997
  60. Time for a Change (Till Death Us Do Part, Tony Blair, PortaKabins, John Sculley, New York... and three new digital cameras: Agfa ePhoto 307, Kodak DCS120 and Fuji DS-300) - pages 36-38, May 1997
  61. PhotoSmart (An exclusive preview of Hewlett-Packard's new digital imaging system) - pages 36-38, June 1997
  62. Hewlett-Packard PhotoSmart update...(Prices and availability) - pages 36 & 37, July/August 1997
  63. Fuji DS-7 and Apple QuickTake 200 (How similar are these two cameras?) - pages 36 & 38, July/August 1997
  64. Film, Negative & Darkroom Declared Dead by Olympus (Reports of the demise of silver-halide photography have been greatly exaggerated - or have they?) - pages 37-39, September 1997
  65. Agfa ePhoto 1280 Digital Camera (The latest offering from Agfa could just be the push many professionals need to dip their toes in the digital water) - pages 33 & 35-36, October 1997
  66. Kodak LED Digital Printer 20P (Real photographic prints from digital images and beautiful prints from transparencies?) - pages 44-[45], November 1997
  67. Fujifilm Compact Colour Scanner CR-1 page [47], November 1997
  68. Nikon Coolpix 300 Digital Camera (Is it a digital camera? Is it an audio recorder? Is it a Personal Digital Assistant? No, it’s all three) - page [47], November 1997
  69. Serial Killer (Capturing images from Digital Video Cameras using Radius Photo DV and Firewire) - pages [39-40], December 1997/January 1998
  70. 'The camera doesn't lie' (... is a phrase we seldom hear these days. Once we used it regularly to reassure ourselves and others that photography was above reproach when it came to the reliable reporting of the events of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. It became part of our photo-phokelore, but with the advent of photo-manipulation software such as Adobe Photoshop all that changed.) - pages 43 & 45, February 1998
  71. Copies of digital images are easy to make (... and identical to the originals. Digital 'fingerprinting') - page 45, February 1998
  72. New Orleans and all that jazz (Developments in digital photography from the Photo Marketing Association 1998 Show) - pages 44-45, March 1998
  73. Kodak DCS 520 (Taking to the skies and tripping off to the States to test Kodak's latest and greatest digital camera - the new DCS 520) - Front cover and pages [34-35], April 1998
  74. Digital Wedding Photography (John Henshall spends a day digitally shooting a big wedding alongside Keith Thompson FBIPP) - pages 34-35, May 1998
  75. The Best Gets Better (John Henshall gets his hands on Adobe Photoshop 5.0 - and he's impressed) - pages 36-37, June 1998
  76. Digital Backs (Advice on buying a digital camera back and a look at what's available) - page 39, June 1998
  77. Kodak DCS315 (Digital cameras are coming thick and fast from Kodak these days. John Henshall was one of the first UK journalists to get his hands on the new Kodak Professional DCS315 camera.) - pages 44-45, August 1998
  78. Epson PhotoEX and Apple G3 Laptop - page 47, August 1998
  79. Sound Vision CMOS-PRO - pages 38-39, September 1998
  80. Agfa ePhoto 1680 (And it's another scoop, as John Henshall is the first UK journalist to test drive Agfa's new megapixel baby = and it looks like being another winner) - page 41, September 1998
  81. To Seyboldly Go (Scoop reports on three professional digital cameras introduced at Seybold - the Dicomed LittleBigShot, Kodak DCS560 and Scitex Leaf Volare) - pages 34-35 & 37, October 1998
  82. Digital Television (The implications of the digital revolution now taking place in the world of television) - pages 29-30, November 1998
  83. Kodak DCS260 (Targeted primarily at the consumer and business user but produces quality images that make it worth considering for professional use) - pages 38-39, January 1999
  84. Phase One LightPhase Digital Camera Back (John Henshall teams up with Keith Thompson to try out a new digital back that can be used to photograph 'live' subjects such as people) - pages 32-34, February 1999
  85. Sinar's Sinarcam and Sinarback (The first complete professional digital camera system) - pages 40-41, March 1999
  86. Show Time (Latest developments in digital hardware from the shows, including Nikon CoolPix 950) - pages 30-31, April 1999
  87. Megavision S3 digital camera back (Breathtaking 6 megapixel image quality from a medium format back) - Front cover and pages 28-30, May 1999
  88. Turning over a new Leaf (To Israel for an exclusive preview of the new Leaf Cantare single-shot camera back) - pages 28-30, June 1999
  89. Nikon Go For It (The Nikon D1 - an important new digital SLR from Nikon and its likely effect on the market) - pages 28-29, August 1999
  90. Fully searchable BIPP web-site (A major upgrade to the BIPP web-site with a fully searchable 'Find a Photographer' interface) - pages 6-7, September 1999
  91. DCS 620 and CoolPix 950 (Is there really any difference between cameras which have virtually the same digital image size?) - pages 28-29, September 1999
  92. Welcome to - pages 11-12, October 1999
  93. Nikon D1 - first impressions (In his capacity as digital imaging organizer for the Seybold Conference in San Francisco, John Henshall is the first to use the new Nikon D1 digital SLR) - pages 32-33, October 1999
  94. How to Make a Digital Camera (John Henshall flies to Rochester for a close look at how Kodak make their professional digital cameras) - pages 32-34, November 1999
  95. Say Goodbye to the World Wide Wait (Over the last few years we have seen big advances in digital telecommunications and many of them are of particular interest to photographers) - pages 34-35, January 2000
  96. The Finest Digital System (John Henshall flies to Switzerland and brings back the latest Sinar digital camera system) - pages 32-34, February 2000
  97. New from Fuji and Nikon (PMA Las Vegas and Seybold Boston. Comparing the Fuji FinePix S1 Pro and Nikon D1 from the Fuji Airship over Las Vegas. The Nikon CoolPix 990 in Boston.) - pages 36-37, March 2000
  98. Sinar has us in Stitches (Yet another important extension to the Sinar camera system) - pages 28-29, April 2000
  99. Pictures in you Palm (Kodak's PalmPix camera - one small step for Digital Cameras is a giant leap for Personal Digital Assistants) - pages 32-33, May 2000
  100. On the (A new online picture library for twenty first century photographers and buyers of photography) - pages 34-35, June 2000
  101. Keith Thompson says 'I do' at Digital Wedding (Wedding Photographer of the Year declares his love for Kodak DCS 520 digital camera) - Front cover and pages 21-24, August 2000
  102. Leaf CantareXY back (The new variant of the CreoScitex Leaf Cantare digital camera back) - pages 34-35, September 2000
  103. Digital Imaging Day (John Henshall is in San Francisco where he organises digital imaging for Seybold Seminars) - page 39, October 2000
  104. New at Photokina (John Henshall puts some of the latest announcements from Photokina into perspective) - pages 40-41, October 2000
  105. Fujifilm FinePix S1 Pro Professional Digital SLR (The FinePix S1 Pro camera has the best colour of any digital SLR I have used. Its pictures have a real 'film look'. Quite simply, the results are stunning) - pages 21-24, November 2000
  106. Digital Cameras go Dutch (The wide range of professional digital backs using a European [Philips FTF3020] CCD) - pages 25-26, January 2001
  107. FinePix S1 Pro shoots for Brechin + BBC @ Granada (Using Fuji's new digital camera for production stills in a television studio) - page 49, January 2001
  108. Canon EOS D30 (An expert first look at Canon's long awaited digital SLR) - pages 34-35, February 2001
  109. PMA Orlando (An MP3 device from Kodak, the new Nikon D1x and D1H cameras, Imagek becomes Silicon Film and is shown working for the first time) - pages 34-35, March 2001
  110. The Second Century (In the 100 years since the BIPP was formed the pace of technological change has been incredible. John Henshall gazes into his crystal ball to consider where things are likely to go over the next century.) - BIPP Centenary Supplement pages 19-22, March 2001
  111. Olympus E-10 (A beautifully designed and attractively priced digital camera with integral zoom lens) - pages 25-27, April 2001
  112. Titanium Triumph (John Henshall is in Las Vegas with the new Apple Macintosh G4 PowerBook - and the GretagMacbeth 'i1' colour spectrophotometer.) - pages 38-39, May 2001
  113. Charles goes Green (Photographer Charles Green's total abandonment of silver halide photography.) - pages 13-16, June 2001
  114. Yaffe Abandons Film (JH talks to Paul and Adam Yaffe about their move from silver halide to digital.) - pages 15-18, July 2001
  115. Sixteen Megapixels (The big news this year is the leap from six to sixteen million pixels in professional CCDs.) - page 21, July 2001
  116. How do you view? (Some basic tips to help you ensure that what you see is what you've got.) - pages 34-35, August 2001
  117. Size Matters (The truth about image size. The difference between dots per inch and pixels per inch.) - pages 33-35, September 2001
  118. Nikon D1x (JH takes his initial look at the successor to Nikon's first professional digital SLR.) - pages 35-37, October 2001
  119. No Tangible Pictures (How to shoot a job and deliver nothing except the invoice - no prints, no transparencies, not even a CD - but have an even happier client and still get paid.) - pages 31-32, November 2001
  120. Digital and the Lab (Advice about better printing from Alan Dunn of Dunns Imaging Group.) - page 33, November 2001
  121. Digital Video Editing (Apple's iMovie software makes it possible to edit video with the ease of word processing.) - pages 35-36, December 2001
  122. Kodak DCS760 (Kodak's six million pixel professional SLR. An impressive piece of kit. Yet all this technology is only a quarter of the cost of a similar product a few years ago.) - pages 31-34, January 2002
  123. Five Digital SLRs (A comparative look at five professional digital single lens reflex cameras with interchangeable lenses - and some real world tests to help you make a choice. The Canon EOS-D30, Canon EOS-1D, Fuji FinePix S1 Pro, Kodak DCS760 and Nikon D1x.) - page 35-38, February 2002
  124. Foveon X3 (How a new sensor revolutionises the way digital cameras see colour, and what the implications are for the future.) - pages 35-36, March 2002
  125. Photoshop 7 (A new version of the imaging application which powered the digital photography revolution) - pages 35-36, April 2002
  126. Microsoft Office v.X (A suite of word processing, spreadsheet, email and presentation software) - page 37, April 2002
  127. Olympus E-20 (A year on from the E-10, how does the E-20 variant measure up?) - pages 34-36, May 2002
  128. Fuji S2 - first impressions (The greatest thing about the Fuji FinePix S2 is that Fuji has improved the ground-breaking S1 subtly yet impressively.) - pages 34-36, June 2002
  129. Sinar p3 - new from the leaders (The p3 is 30% smaller than the p2 and exudes facilities, ergonomics, quality and precision.) - pages 42-43, July 2002
  130. John Henshall's Tip Shop (Top tips and answers to digital problems. Sensor cleaning. Return to film for weddings?) - page 50, July 2002
  131. Good Colour Made Easy (Using the Gretag i1 to profile a system and achieve consistent colour management.) - pages 36-37, August 2002
  132. Selling Your Pictures Online (Two years on, where is now?) - pages 36-37, September 2002
  133. John Henshall's Tip Shop (Top tips and answers to digital problems. Rechargeable batteries and chargers.) - page 40, September 2002
  134. Sharper Than A (22 megapixels) Swiss Army Knife (Sinar's 22,195,200 pixel Sinarback 54.) - pages 21-24, October 2002
  135. photokina 2002 (News from the biggest photographic show with news of the Kodak DCS Pro 14n and others.) - pages 35-36, November 2002
  136. Ten Years 1993-2002 no remission (A look back at ten years of John Henshall's Chip Shop.) - pages 34-36, December 2002
  137. Expose yourself to the whole world (Some tips on how to find websites more easily on the Internet.) - pages 32-34, January 2003
  138. John Henshall's Tip Shop ( Top tips and answers to digital problems. Prints from digital images and power adapters.) - page 42, January 2003
  139. PMA Las Vegas (The latest news from the huge American photo show.) - pages 32-33, March 2003
  140. Orvieto Fotografia ('Fresh' from Las Vegas, John Henshall is now at Europe's leading photo-conference.) - pages 38-39, March 2003
  141. Professional Printing of Digital Image Files (The world of commercial digital output devices. Fuji Digital Frontier, Sony Digital Photofinishing Solution, Kodak ML-500 Digital Photo Print System, Phoenix DFX Inkjet (a Kodak/HP Partnership) and Xeikon (Chromapress) 50i) - pages 30-32, April 2003
  142. John Henshall's Tip Shop ('Network enabling', Portable Storage Devices and Which CD blanks?) - page 42, April 2003
  143. Sharpen up your Fuji S2 Pro image (Some hot tips on how to get the best out of your digital SLR.) - page 34-36, May 2003
  144. Full-frame and 14 megapixels (Kodak's new UK Pounds 3,595 flagship DCS Pro 14n digital SLR.) - page 21-24, June 2003
  145. John Henshall's Tip Shop (Recovering 'lost' images from a CompactFlash card.) - page 42, June 2003
  146. Kodak DCS Pro 14n behind the lens (A further look at Kodak's new digital SLR and the software which fuels it.) - pages 29-31, July 2003
  147. Epson Gemini - bringing the lab to you (A new system which puts you in control of your printing destiny.) - pages 21-22, August 2003
  148. Nikon D2H - Gen-2 - 4 m-pixel - 8 fps (The first of Nikon's second generation of D-SLRs.) - page 23, August 2003
  149. Kodak DCS Pro 14n - more variables (A re-look at what Kodak's DCS Photo-Desk software can give us.) - page 24, August 2003
  150. John Henshall's Tip Shop (Dealing with Spam.) - page 42, August 2003
  151. Kodak 8500 Digital Photo Printer (The route to great digital prints doesn't have to be inkjet.) - pages 22-23, September 2003
  152. Photoshop Tips & Tricks - Sharpen up your Photoshop skills - Adjusting Exposure (Correcting under-exposure.) - page 25, September 2003
  153. John Henshall's Tip Shop (How to cut down on phone bills.) - page 42, September 2003
  154. Simply Digital - Dakota Single-Use Digital Camera (Using the first single-use digital camera.) - pages 24-25, October 2003
  155. Photoshop Tips & Tricks - Sharpen up your Photoshop skills - Adjusting Exposure 2 (Correcting over-exposure.) - page 26, October 2003
  156. FinePix S5000 - Digital SLR with 10x Optical Zoom (Fuji's new camera is like the S602 after a spell on the Atkins Diet.) - pages 28-29 & 31, November 2003
  157. Photoshop Tips & Tricks - Sharpen up your Photoshop skills - Back on the Level (How to straighten up your tilted horizons.) - page 14, December 2003
  158. Creative Suite - Adobe brings applications together (A first look at Photoshop 8 and other applications now under one umbrella.) - pages 22-24, December 2003
  159. Photoshop Tips & Tricks - Sharpen up your Photoshop skills - Navigational Short Cuts (Save hours of your life and increase your productivity with keyboard shortcuts.) - page 12, January 2004
  160. Sinar's Big 2004 - Wide showcase for 22 megapixel back (The making of Sinar's large-format 2004 calendar.) - pages 28-29, January 2004
  161. Coolscan 8000 - Nikon's scanner really is 'Super' (John Henshall rates the Nikon Super Coolscan LS-8000 ED extremely highly.) - page 31, January 2004
  162. Goodbye VHS - Great DVD recorder - Great bargain (JH heralds Panasonic's new DVD recorder as the beginning of the end for videotape.) - page 32, January 2004
  163. John Henshall's Photoshop Tips: Resolution is Everything (Many photographers get confused when it comes to the subject of resolution, so if you don't know the difference between psi and dpi, read on...) - pages 22-23, February 2004
  164. A New British Printer (The DigePrint DPP305 Digital Print Processor produces up to 400 6x4 prints an hour.) - pages 23-24, February 2004
  165. Film Cameras Fall Apart (There are troubled waters ahead for the World Leader in Imaging. JH is worried by some sad Kodak moments but is not too negative about prospects.) - pages 28-29 and 31-32, February 2004
  166. John Henshall's Photoshop Tips: Worth it for This Alone (The new Adobe Photoshop CS, aka Photoshop 8, is packed with great new features - but just one of those new features alone makes the upgrade worth buying.) - page 24, March 2004
  167. Clean Up Your Image - Automatically (Ways that a research and development company based in the west of Ireland has developed technology to remove dust and red-eye automatically.) - page 29-31, March 2004
  168. Photo Marketing Association Show (Innovations from the PMA show in Las Vegas. The Fuji S3-2b! Sinar's Action Module, Kodak Picture Maker kiosk, the Kodak Photo Printer 6800, and the Nikon CoolPix 5200 - along with the 4200 the first cameras to offer built-in red-eye reduction.) - page 32, March 2004
  169. A Great (Digital) Day For The Irish (Irish photographers at the Orvieto Fotografia conference in Italy.) - pages 26-28, April 2004
  170. Easy to make Slideshows (Adobe Photoshop CS makes it easier to do many things, using options under the 'File>Automate' menu - including slide shows.) - page 30, April 2004
  171. Kodak 13.5 Megapixel DSLR - The Phoenix Rises (JH uses the new Kodak DCS ProSLR/n camera and considers whether it's a case of too little too late, or the just-in-time answer to Kodak's digital prayers.) - pages 13-16, May 2004
  172. John Henshall's Photoshop Tips: Automated Panoramas (Adobe Photoshop CS makes it easier to do many things, using options under the 'File>Automate' menu. This month it's the turn of Photomerge for instant Panoramas.) - page 42, May 2004
  173. Kodak 13.5 Megapixel DSLR - DCS ProSLR/n (JH continues his in-depth tests of the new high-resolution DSLR from Kodak, this month looking in more depth at some of its more important features.) - pages 21-24, June 2004
  174. John Henshall's Tip Shop: Why aren't my images big enough for an online library? (Why do we have to up-size images for online picture libraries?) - page 42, June 2004
  175. Kodak 13.5 Megapixel DSLR - DCS ProSLR/n + /c (JH concludes his apparently unending love/hate relationship with Kodak's high-res DSLRs - now not one but two cameras with the advent of a Canon-lens variant.) - pages 22-25, July 2004
  176. John Henshall's Photoshop Tips: Picture Packages (How to make composite packages of images which allow us to maximise the use of printer paper.) - pages 38-39, July 2004
  177. John Henshall's Photoshop Tips: Colour Correction (How to correct colour casts using a Photo Filter Adjustment Layer in Photoshop 7 and CS.) - pages 12-13, August 2004
  178. Canon EOS DSLRs - 300D - 10D - 1D Mark II - 1Ds (The current range from Canon which has established new benchmarks for Digital Single Lens Reflex design and performance.) - pages 22-25, August 2004
  179. Fuji Finepix S3 - Chip Shop Exclusive Scoop (JH has been such a devotee of the Fuji Finepix S2 that it is hardly surprising that he was the first UK journalist to get his hands on the long awaited S3.) - pages 12-14, September 2004
  180. Getting to know the Canon EOS-1D Mk II (JH has been using the Canon EOS-1D Mk II for a couple of months now. His muscles have developed with the weight-lifting exercise but what else does he feel?) - pages 21-23, September 2004
  181. Walking the many miles of aisles Photokina 2004 (JH is back from his biggest exercise routine of the year, seeking out stories and sifting rumours at the world's leading imaging fair in Koeln-am-Rhein.) - pages 21-24, October 2004
  182. John Henshall's Photoshop Tips: Reducing Noise (How to use Adobe Photoshop to remove chroma noise from DSLR images shot at the highest ISOs.) - pages 26-27, October 2004
  183. Wireless Connectivity (PhotoNation's wireless connectivity could prove to be the most important innovation of Photokina 2004.) - pages 12-13, November 2004
  184. Selecting and Preparing your Website Images (How to select, size and compress images for your website or to upload to the new BIPP website.) - pages 21-24, November 2004
  185. Phase One P25 - Medium format digital is unshackled (JH looks at Phase One's completely self-contained 22 megapixel medium format digital back and considers how well its images compare with large format (5 x 4 and 10 x 8) film.) - pages 21-28, December 2004
  186. Will Film Die This Year? (John Henshall considers that the report of the death of film was not an exaggeration.) - pages 21-24, January 2005
  187. Evolution of the Species (FujiFilm FinePix S3 Pro - the latest DSLR in the series which changed photography.) - pages 21-24, February 2005
  188. More Tricks and Tips for your BIPP Web Pages (Further advice to help you customise your personal 'home' page on the BIPP website - and a warning about copyright theft.) - pages 34-35, February 2005
  189. The new state of the art DSLR from Nikon - Nikon D2x (A first look at the Nikon D2x) - pages 21-24, March 2005
  190. Shooting with the Big Canons (Using Canon's state-of-the-art EOS-1Ds MarkII and EOS-20D) - pages 25-28, April 2005
  191. New Films debut at PMA - Orlando, Florida, USA - 20-23 February 2005 (Agfa, Kodak and Fuji announce evolutionary developments in film.) - pages 36-37, April 2005
  192. Scantastic (Do you have a lifetime of transparencies sitting in drawers or cabinets doing nothing? Scan them!) - pages 24-25, May 2005
  193. Two New Digital SLRs - Nikon D50 and D70s (Nikon's lowest-priced ever DSLR will be stiff competition for the other major DSLR brand.) - page 26, May 2005
  194. The First Ever Chip Shop Award (The Chip Shop Award joins this year's Photo Industry Awards from 'The Photographer'.) - page 27, May 2005
  195. Photo Industry Awards 2005 - pages 32-33, May 2005
  196. Farewell to the Kodak DCS (A look at Kodak's legacy as the end of its DSLR production is announced.) - pages 24-27, June 2005
  197. Sigma 300-800mm (One of the most important items which produce our images: the lenses.) - pages 21-24, July 2005
  198. Inside the North-West Region (A report by Steve Bavister of the all-day seminar in Cheshire with John Henshall, Jay Myrdal, Tony Eatough, Dave Pattison and Tony Briselden.) - pages 28-30, July 2005
  199. Kodak Professional 1400 Digital Photo Printer - A LICENSE to Print MONEY? (Kodak's new printer could pay for itself in just one evening.) - pages 36-37, July 2005
  200. Canon EOS-5D Full frame and 12.8 megapixels (Scouring the darkest corners of cyberspace for fact - and fiction - about this new DSLR from Canon which we may - or may not - see in October 2005.) - pages 20-21, August 2005
  201. Assault on Batteries (After many years of searching for reliable battery power for all his photographic and other electronic equipment, JH feels that he has at last found a very powerful source: Ansmann.) - pages 22-23, August 2005
  202. Fujifilm's little wonders - FinePix F10 and FinePix Z1 (JH is now spoilt for choice for a camera to carry with him at all times.) - pages 36-37, August 2005
  203. Which DSLR? (Comparing the Canon EOS-20D, EOS-350D, EOS-1Ds Mark II, Fujifilm FinePix S3 Pro, Kodak DCS ProSLR/c, Nikon D2x, Nikon D50, Nikon D70s and Fujichrome Velvia Professional 100 film.) - pages 19-24, September 2005
  204. Which DSLR? (JH continues his look at leading Digital - and Film - Single Lens Reflex cameras. Colour and noise.) - pages 15-18, October 2005
  205. Delights of Passage (The Lowepro CompuTrekker Plus AW backpack.) - pages 28-29, October 2005
  206. Which DSLR? (Just when it seemed safe to conclude this comparison, two new cameras are announced. The newly arrived Canon EOS-5D and the forthcoming Nikon D200.) - pages 20-23, November 2005
  207. Phase One Winner (Kevin Wilson is the delighted winner of the highest value prize ever in our recent competition.) - pages 28-29, November 2005
  208. Phase One delivers P45 (JH was a little apprehensive when Phase One's Eric Joakim said he had a P45 for him.) - pages 15-17, December 2005
  209. Hot on the Press (JH visits our printers [Stephens & George] as the press rolls for our first complete computer to plate issue.) - pages 34-36, December 2005
  210. Fujifilm FinePix S9500 (Fuji’s new 9 megapixel 'bridge' camera makes you two feet taller - and also keeps your knees clean.) - pages 18-20, January 2006
  211. Imaging the Changes -and- Are the labs committing suicide? (Some of the many changes which photography has faced and is about to face.) - pages 34-36, January 2006
  212. How to Survive and Thrive in the worst High Street in Britain. (Creative marketing brings success and local prestige to a photographer in Leatherhead, Surrey.) - pages 18-19, February 2006
  213. Nikon's Beautiful D200 (JH eulogises over the near-perfection of Nikon's new bargain-priced DSLR.) - pages 26-29, February 2006
  214. Photo-Industry in Meltdown (The PMA International show in Orlando clashes with the UK's Focus On Imaging show in Birmingham. Agfa, Konica-Minolta and Polaroid have gone. Which will be the next to go?) - pages 22-25, March 2006
  215. Nikon's Bargain DSLR (Concluding the look at the beautiful new Nikon D200 DSLR.) - pages 32-33, March 2006
  216. And the winner is ... ... FotoNation (The 2006 John Henshall's Chip Shop Award goes to a multi-national team of imaging boffins headquartered in Silicon Valley with engineers in Galway, Ireland, and Bucharest, Romania.) - pages 20-21, April 2006
  217. To Infinity and Beyond (The easy way to photograph items for articles and picture libraries: the Tre-D Still-Life Table) - pages 22-23, April 2006
  218. Sigma 10-20mm (Ultra-wide-angle zoom lens for half-frame DSLR cameras.) - page 30, April 2006
  219. Sigma 18-200mm (Tony Briselden goes out to the far frozen south with this eleven-to-one ratio half-frame zoom lens.) - page 31, April 2006
  220. Panasonic's Little Gem (A compact digital camera which can produce truly professional quality images.) - pages 32-35, May 2006
  221. Ansmann in Total Charge (A close look at the most important aspect of digital imaging - battery power.) - pages 22-23, June 2006
  222. Canon EOS-30D to China (JH went up the Wall with the new Canon EOS 30D on a recent trip to Beijing.) - pages 32-35, June 2006
  223. No More Dirty Pictures (A look at the most time wasting aspect of digital imaging - dirt on the sensor.) - pages 22-23, July 2006
  224. Les Rencontres d'Arles (In discovering that 'rencontres' means 'meetings' JH meets some great photographers - includingg Elliott Erwitt, Douglas Kirkland, Don McCullin, Joel Mayerowitz, Stephen Johnson, Peter Marlow, Eli Reed - and Mark Alberhasky.) - pages 34-37, July 2006
  225. Photography at the Flick of a Switch (A new lighting angle in Jay Myrdal's Oxfordshire studio. Light switches with pictures.) - pages 22-23, August 2006
  226. More Meetings in Arles (Has Magnum's Elliott Erwitt gone digital? 'I still use film - but sometimes I forget to put it in the camera.') - pages 26-29, August 2006
  227. Eat Dust (JH finds some more ways to get rid of the bits we don't want.) - pages 22-23, September 2006
  228. Creative Masquerade (A suite of new time-saving professional masks for use with Photoshop.) - pages 28-29, September 2006
  229. Getting your Backup (Some ways to avoid tears after the shoot.) - pages 30-31, September 2006
  230. Photokina 2006 (Panasonic Lumix L1, Canon EOS 400D, Nikon D80, Fuji FinePix S5, Sigma SD-14, Leaf Aptus 75, Sinar eMotion 75, Hewlett-Packard Designjet Z-Series Printers - and is it a Phone? Or a video camera?) - pages 28-33, October 2006
  231. The Eyes Have It (At Photokina, Cologne, and Photo Plus Expo, New York, JH finds that medium format digital is not only alive and kicking but flourishing in the maturing digital marketplace.) - pages 28-33, November 2006
  232. Military Spec Protection (Kata bags for professional photographers are now available in the UK.) - pages 34-35, December 2006
  233. Professionally Compact (JH continues his search for a professional-quality compact camera. The Panasonic DMC-LX2 and the Leica D-Lux 3.) - pages 36-39, December 2006
  234. Probably the best printer in the world (The Hewlett-Packard Designjet Z3100 44-inch 12-ink Photo Printer.) - pages 29-32, [January 2007]

Selected Articles about the advent of Digital Imaging in other publications 1993-1999

The Times (newspaper) Higher Education Supplement
  1. Light and Dark (Computer technology provides power to manipulate images at will. Tony Tysome focussed on the benefits and dangers) - with section about John Henshall, The Times Higher Education Supplement May 14, 1993 page 48
The Guardian (newspaper)
  1. Electronic glue in the picture (The newest digital imaging was used to restore all the missing parts [by John Henshall]) - By Mike Gerrard, The Guardian newspaper Thursday August 19, 1993
  2. Darkroom to desktop (... the emergence of desktop photography as a business ... with reference to 'John Henshall - director of the Electronic Photo Imaging Centre, chairman of the British Imaging and Photographic Association's digital imaging committee and the UK's expert on the topic ...') - By Jack Schofield, The Guardian newspaper Thursday March 20, 1997 page 14
The Sunday Times (newspaper)
  1. Live '94 - Mention of John Henshall's Digital Photography - Photos Without Film presentation on TV 'Channel 94' at the Earl's Court exhibition. The Sunday Times 18 September 1994
Daily Mirror (newspaper)
  1. I've wiped that man right out of my life - Article by Brian Reade about John Henshall's photo editing work Daily Mirror Friday, October 14, 1994 page 7
Oxford Mail (newspaper)
  1. The camera lies as hi-tech takes over - Article by Andy Cave about John Henshall's photo editing work Oxford Mail Thursday, October 27, 1994 page 12
  1. Reviews - Kodak DCS420 (A portable digital camera for action shots, which handles like a conventional film camera.) - MacUser 14 October 1994 pages 41-42 and 45
  2. Shoot to thrill (Dispensing with expensive and time-consuming film processing and scanning, the future of photography is definitely digital. John Henshall exposes four sharp shooters.) - MacUser 9 June 1995 pages 74-76 and 79-81
  1. Putting the clock back (Alvin Langdon Coburn invented 'vorticism', in which photographic images were fragmented and superimposed to indicate motion and feeling. His own Autochrome self-portrait in the RPS archives was fragmented in another way - until electronic imaging expert John Henshall FBIPP FRPS repaired the plate using Adobe Photoshop) - By David Kilpatrick, PhotoPro July 1993 pages 62-63
EDI Review
  1. Evolution Of The Species (Electronic cameras have been with us since the beginnings of television 55 years ago. John Henshall traces their evolution, looks at how they work, and examines today's high resolution digital cameras...) - EDI Review number 1, pages 17-18 and 21-23
  2. News from Seybold (The world's premier desktop and pre-press exhibition, Seybold, has just been held in San Francisco. John Henshall was there to report on what's new.) - EDI Review number 1, pages 13-14
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  5. Big Pictures at Top Speed (The new manipulation program, Live Picture, promises to make the Macintosh fly. John Henshall takes a brief look at some of its features.) - EDI Review number 2, March 1994, page 52
Electronic Imaging Magazine
  1. Exposing the Digital Truth (John Henshall explored the capabilities of the latest digital camera offerings. He was impressed but concludes that won't replace film in every respect.) - Electronic Imaging Magazine November 1994, pages 15 and 16
The Photographic Journal
  1. The Advanced Photo System reveals some of its secrets (A brand new format will soon arrive aiming to win over the hearts and cash of keep-it-simple photographers. John Henshall has been following progress closely.) - The Photographic Journal December 1995, pages 466-468
Digital PhotoFX
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Amateur Photographer
  1. No escape from a Digital Future (John Henshall FBIPP FRPS explains why digital imaging is here and now.) - Amateur Photographer Digital supplement 1999, page 28-30
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