by John Henshall



It's too easy to regard Photokina as a photographic show. In fact it has become an amalgam of consumer and professional photography, together with video, broadcasting, audio, lighting, studio, stage and audiovisual. As the boundaries between media become less defined, Photokina becomes increasingly relevant to those who communicate using images - and sound - in all their forms.

It's interesting to note that many manufacturers, including Dicomed, Canon, Nikon, Olympus and Sony, chose Seybold San Francisco to announce their new cameras - before they were seen at Photokina - emphasising the importance and relevance of Seybold.

Significant as Photokina still is, photography must continue to look forward, sideways and behind as the capture and use of images changes even more quickly than anyone imagined possible. 'Imaging' most certainly includes photography but 'photography' is only a small part of imaging. These are dangerous times. Exciting and potentially profitable.


Many of the new cameras shown at Photokina had already been shown the previous week at Seybold San Francisco. Chip Shop was there, organising and running a session on Digital Photography for the Internet on 11 September.

This is the session in full swing with, from left to right, Michael Hopwood (Eastman Kodak); Rick Casey (Casio); Fred Shippey (Future Image Reports); Eran Steinberg (Obsidian Imaging); Jeff Rapson (Highwater Designs) and John Henshall demonstrating a new digital camera. On the table in front of him are new digital cameras from Obsidian Imaging, Pixera Corporation, Casio (QV-100), Olympus (D-300L) and Fuji (DS-7). Perched on the podium is Fuji's new AS-1 scanner for APS film. Digital 'joiner' (from six separate shots taken on a Fuji DS-505) by Brian Whitehead FBIPP.

This article first appeared in "John Henshall's Chip Shop" in "The Photographer" magazine, October 1996.
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